Edington Parish Council

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In 2018 Edington Parish Council became the registered keeper for two small plots of land on the Nidon between Edington and Burtle.  The larger plot, on the East of the road has the Title Number ST332375 and the smaller plot on the West of the road has the Title Number ST342067. These two areas of land were at one time held by the Overseers for the benefit of the community.

Both plots were in a very neglected and run down state and considerable thought was given to their future use. For the present time it was agreed to keep the small westerly plot as a nature area. The larger easterly plot has been granted permission under its SSSI status for tree planting which began in early 2020. This is a small contribution towards combating global warming.


Extract from Waldegrave map of 1794

After an area of land was cleared tree planting started in early April 2020.